Press Orma Npc Digit 6/95 AS , CE

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Press Orma Npc Digit 6/95 AS , CE

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orma macchine

Machine details

  • BRAND: Ormamacchine
  • MODEL:  Npc Digit 6/95 AS , CE
  • DELIVERY: Ready

Technical details



Structure entirely made of welded and tool machined beams. Hydraulic system: the rams are thickness chromed to grant a perfect flowing and a higher working life either of the seal gaskets and of the piston itself. All the cylinders are bolted to the structure, so to be  easily removed in case of servicing. Highly  reliable hydraulic power unit fitted with a double stage pump, first stage a low pressure and high delivery to move up the platen, second stage at high pressure and low delivery to get the working pressure set by the operator on the keyboard. Hydraulic power unit motor plunged in oil bath to get a better cooling and to reduce noise, and further more to avoid any possible damages caused by accidental shocks. Electric system: general switch board from where the operator can set and use all the functions of the press.


  • Double rack system to guarantee a perfect platen movement. Nr. 2 groups on the length and nr. 2 groups on the width connected between them by a torsion bar.
  • Lift look
  • Matal safety covers
  • Renforced lower cylinders plates
  • Cylinders thrust plates
  • Easy access hydraulics
  • Leveling bolts
  • Limit switch for press opening
  • Perimeter E-stop system
  • Platens:
  • Fabricated steel platen


  • ABS Control board with Siemens touchscreen control system which allows to set all machine functions
  • Platen size 3000 x 1300 mm.
  • Total thrust: 90 ton
  • Cylinders: 6
  • Diameter Pistons: 70 mm.
  • Stroke 400 mm.
  • Pressure kg/cmq 3,3
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orma macchine