Press Omc Airtec Double

Press Omc Airtec Double

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Machine details

  • BRAND: Omc
  • MODEL:  Airtec Double
  • CONDITION: Tested and Functioning
  • DELIVERY: Ready

Technical details


  • Cold press for single or piled
  • Hot press either for the composition or covering of solid doors, flush doors and panels with indipendent adjustable temperature for the upper and lower platen up to 150°C
  • 3-4) Press to cover routed panels by PVC or Veneer
  • 5) Double membrane press to cover two side raised panels with veneer or paper in one go


  • Double rack system to guarantee a perfect platen movement. Nr. 2 groups on the length and nr. 2 groups on the width connected between them by a torsion bar.
  • Device to shut off one or more sets of pistons.
  • Lift look
  • Matal safety covers
  • Renforced lower cylinders plates
  • Cylinders thrust plates
  • Easy access hydraulics
  • Leveling bolts
  • Heating system
  • Electric boiler for thermal oil
  • Limit switch for press opening
  • Perimeter E-stop system
  • Control board with Touch Screen
  • Platen size: 2900 x 1400 mm.
  • Cylinders: nr. 8
  • Pistons: diam. 135 mm.
  • Vacuum pump: nr. 1
  • Overall dimensions: 4500 x 3500 mm.
  • Machine weight KG 11.000
  • Documents: operation and maintenance manual, spare parts catalogue, electrical sheet, software manual, CE declaration of conformity




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