Vertical Panel Putsch Meniconi Svp 145 Plus (Electronic vertical/horizontal measuring display)

Vertical Panel Putsch Meniconi Svp 145 Plus (Electronic vertical/horizontal measuring display)

Vertical Panel Saw SVP 145 PLUS always guarantees the highest precision and the biggest cutting dimensions 4200 mm length x 2200 mm height and 60 mm width. This vertical wall saw has technical characteristics of high level that make the tuning operations easier and material cutting effective.This vertical cutting machine has the best standard endowments that meet the need of flexibility of the squaring machine and support to the user in the setting of the kinds of cutting.

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Machine Details

  • BRAND Putsch Meniconi
  • MODEL: Svp 145 Plus
  • CONDITION: Brand New
  • DELIVERY: Ready

Technical details


This top-range model has been in the industry market. It is very solid and accurate, and guarantees great performances. Unique technical details to ease the set-up and cutting.

Applications: Wood – Forex – Alucobond ®  – Dibond ® – Sandwich – Aluminium – Plexiglass

Technical details:          

  • height of vertical cut mm. 2200
  • height of horizontal cut mm. 2080
  • length of cut mm. 4200
  • depth of cut mm. 60
  • Motor output 5 HP
  • Blade diameter 250
  • Blade rpm 5300
  • Scoring unit diameter mm. 70
  • Motor output for scoring unit

Optionals on demand:

  • The unique adjustable thickness system for cutting operations
  • Repeat cutting device of horizontal strips
  • Dust catcher for horizontal cuttings, to be connect to a dust collector system
  • Indipendent motor of scoring unit
  • Main blade and scoring unit with 2 split saw blades
  • Adjustable thickness stop for grooving operations
  • Flat supporting frame for a better stability of thin panels
  • Electronic vertical measuring display
  • Electronic horizontal measuring display
  • Base with supports and retractable rollers
  • The automatic shifting frame allows to avoid the cutting of plastic strips during horizontal cuttings
  • Sliding support for narrow pieces
  • Angle cutting device
  • Low level stop
  • Extra short cutting device
  • Output ECO System for connection to a dust collector
  • Integrated dust-exhaust system
  • Overall dimensions mm. 5600 x 1500 x 3000h
  • Weight 500
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