Woodworking Machinery


• Brand: Biesse Selco
• Model: EB 70, CE
• Conditions: Tested and Functioning
• Code: BM1698
• Strong, fiable and versatile sizing centre satisfying the needs of all type of customer: from small manufacturer which searches the most user friendly machine, to the medium industry which works on several shifts or for those that wants to fully automate the working process, up to the big industry which works by batches.
• Base unit: The single body structure makes the base unit-saw carriage group extremely compact. The rails, fixed to the base unit for their entire length, guarantee the maximum linearity of the run. The rise of the blade is done by means of prismatic guides with spheres recirculation which ensure a perfect perpendicularity with the working table with the result of an excellent cutting finish
• Saw carriage and blade run on prismatic guides: Maximum rigidity and perpendicularity of the blade with respect to the stack of panels. Drastic reduction of friction and wearing on the materials at even highest speeds. Maximum stability duration of the linearity of the stroke and the structural characteristics.
• Pressure beam: the slots in the back side of the pressure beam eliminate the interference with the clamps allowing the complete use of the panels with rear cuts trims at will
• Saw carriage: the saw carriage is driven by means of a rack and pinion coupling which gives more fluency in the run and a better cutting quality
• Storing space for panels: moving the tables it is possible to create a storing zone of the pieces worked and of the bars outside the cutting line.
Technical informations:
• Cut dimensions: mm. 3200 x 3200
• Main blade protrusion: mm. 70
• Main blade diameter: mm. 300
• Scoring saw diameter: mm. 200
• Saw carriage max speed: mm.0/50 with inverter
• Main blade motor: kw. 7,5
• Pusher speed: m/min. 40 with inverter
• Total installed power: KW 16
• Consumption of compressed air: NI/1' 100
• Working air pressure: Bar 7
• Air consumption for dust extraction: mc/h 2500
• Overall dimensions: mm. 5.422 x 6.488 x 1.772h
• Machine weight: Kg. 2700
• Documents: operation and maintenance manual, spare parts catalogue, electrical sheet, software manual, CE declaration of conformity



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